About the Materials Generator

The world is big. Target audiences are many. Deadlines are short. Your budget is limited. Your brand is everything.

How can you reach your markets with the right messages at the right time within your capacity without compromising your brand?

The Materials Generator lets you and your partner organizations coordinate campaign messages in a way that works powerfully and cost-effectively for everyone.

You craft and shape your core messages and input them into the website-embedded Materials Generator. Your collaborators can then select — but not alter — specific content, or categories of content, to create printed and digital materials that are customized for the issues most relevant to their communities.

Your brand messages stay consistent because wording can be chosen but not changed. You also save time and money on research, printing and shipping. Your partners get the benefit of door hangers, flyers, brochures and other materials made to order for them by them.

They can add their own logos, contact details, images and other individual information. They can produce materials according to any sudden situation, need or deadline. And they can print as many or as few copies as they need — from the office or a professional print shop.

The Materials Generator is a product from Marketing for Change, a national behavior-change marketing firm.